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Our Story

Josette - Owner 

I took over The Mad Potter in September 2022. I have always had a love for crafts to help express your creativity and emotions. The primary reason I decided to take over this magical business is to provide a better quality of life for my kids and I. In 2018 my husband & the father of my kids passed away unexpectedly leaving us all devastated. I have gone through deep reflection with the help of others working on the darkest places in my mind and heart. My intention is to provide a place in the community where it feels safe to be yourself no matter your beliefs and be able to express it in a healthy way. I have a background in Business & Entrepreneurship which led me to find this business to continue and invest in for my family and communities future. I value the small town community environment and invite everyone to come in, create, and relax in a space you can be yourself.

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